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What is iConfirm?

iConfirm is a leading edge automated appointment reminder service that is integrated into your practice management software.

The Benefits of iConfirm.

* No software to purchase

* No equipment to purchase

* No contract to sign-month to month!

* Free trial available!

* Simple 1-2-3 process

* Continuous Upgrades

* Confirmation Options

* You never tie up your telephone lines

* Automatic retries for no answers and busies

* Secure online reporting

Sample Script

“Hello, this is NAME OF OFFICE calling to confirm your appointment with DOCTOR NAME at our OFFICE LOCATION at TIME on DAY. SPECIAL INTRUCTIONS (IF ANY). If you have any questions, please call our office at TELEPHONE NUMBER. Thank you and have a good day!” The BOLD script (above) is taken directly from your appointment calendar and woven into the confirmation call - seamlessly! Options like “Press 1” to confirm or “Press 2” to request a new appointment can be added at any time.

Why iConfirm?

Increase your revenue – with “no show” rates averaging 20%, that means 20% of your potential revenue is also a “no show” iConfirm reminder calls dramatically reduce no shows and dramatically increase your revenue opportunity. In fact, the service pays for itself time and time again.

Increase your efficiency – iConfirm allows staff to concentrate on their duties without having to remember to find time to make reminder calls. Without any impact on your staff or your telephone lines, iConfirm is busy making calls.

No additional equipment – nothing extra to purchase, maintain or install, iConfirm does it all. A daily upload is performed to take upcoming appointment information from your scheduling software and send it to iConfirm over the internet. A secured server is used to protect your information and provide efficient, effective service all without any impact to you or your organization.

How iConfirm Works

As the office staff concentrates on patient care, iConfirm is hard at work dialing to remind and confirm appointments. The system can be set for either English or Spanish using a friendly voice to confirm the Doctor Name, Location (optional), Appointment Day, Appointment Time and any special instructions (optional). The message is delivered to a live pick up or answering machine. No answers are redialed up to four additional attempts through the day to attempt contact. At the end of each day, a report is sent back to you via web or email (optional) that provides detailed results of the calling effort .

Three simple steps:

Upload your appointment file daily to our secured server

We place reminder calls to each of your patients

We post reports to a secured server for you to     download daily

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